Gig Economy

How Gig/Collaborative Economy can help your business

GIG/Collaborative Economy is the opposite of a permanent job which allows a person to have short-term or freelance gigs in the labor market. This trend is very popular among Millenials  allowing them to register on digital app platforms and perform gigs based on their talents and schedule. Here are a few examples of gig economy jobs that can help  your business grow.

Graphic Design: Is your company branding/identity outdated? Use a Graphic Designer to update your logo, menus, etc to stay relevant in today’s market. A striking identity  will improve and refresh your image as  well as catching the eyes of potential customers.

Digital Marketing: If your business doesn’t use Social Media Marketing, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities. Social Media business platforms are free to use with the option to pay for some upgraded  services. Use a digital marketer to manage and build marketing campaigns that can be seen on all social media platforms. According to Google, the average person spends 20-32 hours a week on social media. Imagine how your business could grow with gorgeous pictures of food & posts about your daily specials and upcoming events.

Copy Writer: Most restaurants menus can be found online on multiple sites. A large percentage of customers check out the menu online before they decide where to eat. The downfall of the online menu is that most don’t use pictures. Hire a copywriter to create mouth-watering menu descriptions. Using a creative description can be the deciding  factor of the customer choosing your establishment over your competitors.