How to improve Return Visits


When working in the restaurant business, you see many faces. One of the main keys of a successful restaurant is to make sure those faces return. Restaurants strive when they … Read More

Grilling Ideas for the End of Summer!


Unfortunately, we are nearing the back end of summer, which means that the amount of grilling days are slightly decreasing. Grilling can be a perfection to some, and for others … Read More

Generating Revenue During Slow Hours!

off-peak hours

Every restaurant has time slots where business is very slow. These time slots are referred to as  “dead”  or “off-peak hours”. Off-peak hours can affect a business’ revenue and can begin … Read More

Eliminate the Waste, Keep the Taste!


Waste adds up, and doing even the smallest things can help. Figure out the problem, then manage and control the costs of food purchases. Doing so will help eliminate waste, … Read More

How to Handle Customer Complaints


How To Handle Customer Complaints 90% of the time, dissatisfied customers do not complain. When customers complain, its just them giving you another chance to fix the situation. Upset customers may … Read More

Building Teamwork in the Workplace


Together Everyone Achieves More Teamwork is essential in the Restaurant business. When employees work together, it makes the work environment more enjoyable as well as raise customer satisfaction. Restaurants are known as a business that … Read More